George Karl’s criticisms of his former Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony aren’t in any way bringing down the New York Knicks forward.

The New York Post released some comments from Karl’s upcoming book ‘Furious George,’ which weren’t kind to his former players. Karl criticized Anthony for being a “true conundrum” who was “addicted to the spotlight.” The former Nuggets coach berated Melo for his “low demand of himself on defense,” and bizarrely claimed he and former Denver forward Kenyon Martin carried the burdens of “all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man.” Yeah, it was screwed up.

Martin and Cavs guard J.R. Smith both aptly responded with disgust, rightfully calling Karl a “coward,” who’s “still trying to be relevant.” Melo didn’t take the bait, instead opting to take the high road telling reporters “hopefully his book will bring him happiness.”

Melo’s also got jokes.

Anthony is displaying true professionalism towards Karl, who he’s got every right to publicly lambaste. Karl’s comments were the definition of petty. Now his coaching career has reached an end, after a nightmarish stint in Sacramento, Karl is burning every bridge he can. In the process, he’s verifying the criticisms lobbed his way for the book. Criticize Melo’s game all you want, but Karl took it a step too far and traveled.

Melo’s career has been Hall of Fame worthy, despite Karl’s coaching. He’s better than Karl’s pettiness and knows it. There’s no need to take further shots at Karl because he’s already received enough blows — self-inflicted and from former players — to permanently damage his reputation. The snake in the grass is allowed to slither, but nobody’s scared.

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