It’s a good thing Michael Jordan didn’t play during the social media era because he was never known for being warm and fuzzy with the fans, which we were reminded of recently.

Two young fans were camped out in the parking garage outside the Charlotte Hornets‘ facility, seemingly hoping to catch a glimpse of LaMelo Ball. Although they didn’t come across the Hornets star point guard, they saw someone better, MJ.

“That’s not LaMelo,” one kid said with disappointment before realizing who it was. “OH THAT’S MICHAEL JORDAN! MICHAEL JORDAN! CAN I GET A PIC?”

Other than the blatant “no,” in response to the picture request, it’s hard to make out what Jordan was saying in the viral video, but it sounded and looked like he was telling the kids to put their phone down.

In Jordan’s defense, he works hard to maintain some semblance of privacy, despite being one of the most famous people in the world and he’s not about to let a couple of young fans ruin that. The kids might have had better luck if they asked him for a photo or an autograph without firing up the camera first. And Jordan certainly doesn’t like when the camera rolls without his permission, as proven by his need to have editorial control over The Last Dance documentary.

But I can’t help myself from wondering, WWLJD? What would LeBron James do?

Credit Jordan for one thing, showing up for a day of work in late June, long after the Hornets season came to an end. But with the NBA Draft set for this week, and as he struggles to find a new head coach, Jordan is putting in the hours at the Hornets’ facility.

I ask again, WWLJD? After recently declaring his desire to own an NBA franchise in Las Vegas, is this the life he wants to live? Delaying summer vacation to scout draft prospects while trying to convince a head coach to come to your team? For the love of the game, I guess.


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