The Chicago Bulls are a divided team.

Wednesday night, supposed team leaders Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler torched the team’s effort. Rajon Rondo, who’s never been shy about his feelings, took to Instagram the next day and blamed Wade and Butler for calling out younger players:

“My vets would never go to the media,” Rondo’s post said in part. “They would come to the team. … When we lost, they wouldn’t blame us. They took responsibility and got in the gym. They showed the young guys what it meant to work.”

Both sides of the coin had a point.

Butler, and to a lesser extent Wade, have carried the mediocre Bulls to a 23-24 record approaching the All-Star break. The Bulls supporting cast hasn’t contributed as expected. The gripe is accurate, but calling out teammates publicly is a bizarre play. Rondo didn’t like what he heard and blasted Butler and Wade on social media. Again, his issues should have remained within the organization. But Rondo’s actions are somewhat commendable.

The Chicago Tribune reports Nikola Mirotic and Michael Carter-Williams were the targets of Wade and Butlers remarks. Mirotic is experiencing a career-worst season, averaging just 9.2 points on 30 percent shooting from deep and 38 percent overall. Meanwhile, Carter-Williams has continued his post-Rookie of the Year decline. Averaging just 7.4 points on 35 percent shooting, the 25-year-old’s poor play resulted in a recent DNP from coach Fred Hoiberg.

The poorly constructed Bulls roster hasn’t worked. Butler and Wade refuse to take blame for Chicago’s struggles, directing it at rotation players. Rondo, meanwhile, is sticking up for Carter-Williams and Mirotic, despite their poor play. All three vets are trying to lead in their own way, while Fred Hoiberg struggles to reign them in:

The Bulls are a mess.

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