It’s hard to imagine a more painful finish to a sports video game than what one gamer recently experienced during NBA 2K21.

Twitter user @LVD____ was in excellent shape to win the NBA Finals with the Philadelphia 76ers, when Joel Embiid threw down a dunk to give the Sixers a 120-119 lead with 2.5 seconds remaining.

The Utah Jazz — the computer — had no timeouts let, so they needed to go the length of the floor to win the game in 2.5 seconds. Well, Utah’s Jordan Clarkson just fired up a shot from the other free-throw line… and nailed it. The Jazz won the NBA Finals on a 75-footer.

A brutal, brutal way to lose to anybody, and especially the computer (those “rigged!” thoughts quickly enter the mind). It will surely be difficult for @LVD____ to play NBA 2K again anytime soon, and the follow-up tweet made it very clear that he doesn’t intend to.

A very understandable reaction.

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