Those back-to-back trips to the Western Conference semifinals in 2014 and 2015 feel like a lifetime ago for the Los Angeles Clippers. We figured the team would struggle in its first season without Chris Paul but a slew of injuries has rocked the franchise to the core and they currently find themselves in 10th place overall in the conference with a losing record.

The Sacramento Kings aren’t doing much better and you might be thinking there’s isn’t really a good reason to show up at Staples Center on January 13 when they visit the Clippers. But that’s just because you don’t know that its NBA Jam Day.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic video game, the Clippers are honoring the reason for so many “Boomshakalakas” with giveaways and a special appearance. If fans order their tickets online and use promo code “NBAJAM,” they’ll get a throwback NBA Jam style Clippers shirt. Fingers crossed that the Clippers don’t trade DeAndre Jordan between now and then. Considering he and Blake Griffin are the duo included on the giveaway t-shirt, that could make things a little awkward.

Also, Tim Kitzrow will be in attendance. Who is Tim Kitzrow? He’s just the voice behind the game. You know, the guy who tells you that your favorite player is heating up or is officially on fire.

As a special treat, Kitzrow will be “calling highlights throughout the night, including a game introduction, half-time dunk show, and his iconic one-liners,” according to a team release.

If you’re going and want to keep the theme going, find someone who compliments your skill set and attend the game as a duo. It’s only right.


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