In an effort to cut down his turnovers, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall made a pre-season bet with Wizards assistant coach Howard Eisley that in every game he had more than two turnovers, he’d pay Eisley $100. Well, the bet’s off, as J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic reports the NBA killed the arrangement fairly quickly.

Michael reports the NBA notified Wall via phone call in October that the arrangement was against league policy, and therefore it had to stop.

“They squashed that early in the season,” Wall told after the Wizards held shootaround Friday morning before playing the Toronto Raptors. “The called us. I guess it’s betting. (They said) it’s league protocol.”

For entertainment reasons, it sucks the league killed the agreement but makes sense why. They can’t have players and coaches making public bets where money changes hands.

Wall’s turned the ball over at a career-high rate this season, averaging 4.3 turnovers per game. If his bet would have held up, he would have owed $2,600 already, as Wall’s had 26 games with more than two turnovers this season. He won’t have to pay that amount, but Wall admitted to Michael that “I just take him to dinner sometimes.” You’re a good man, John Wall.

[CSN Mid Atlantic]

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