On Friday night, Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen did what Grayson Allen does and took Alex Caruso to the floor with a hard foul. Allen was assessed a Flagarant 2 and was ejected but it led many to highlight his dirty play throughout his collegiate and pro career. It was reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that Caruso has a “fractured right wrist” and he’ll “likely need surgery.”

The Chicago Bulls were less than thrilled last night but the Bucks are defending their player. One thing the Bucks did was they posted a video featuring Allen that is promoting tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings.


The Bucks’ social media department had to have been well aware this would get a reaction, good or bad, from many and that’s kind of the point. They’re trying to promote tonight’s game and even though most people who aren’t Bucks fans are going to see this is and believe it’s in poor taste, many Bucks fans are probably going to appreciate it and those are the people most likely to tune into tonight’s game.

Case in point, that tweet has over 3,500 likes, 400 retweets, 1,800 quote tweets, and has over 300,000 views. Their clip from yesterday promoting last night’s game has 820 likes, 65 retweets, 11 quote tweets, and has around 8,000 views. No matter how cringe this looks, there’s a reason the juice is worth the squeeze. The tweet got the attention and engagement that the team wanted and had a wide range of reactions.




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