Despite having a back injury that has sidelined him the entire regular season, the Brooklyn Nets traded for Ben Simmons while James Harden went to the Philadelphia 76ers. Harden has been playing for the Sixers but Simmons has been on the Nets’ bench all this time.

That might change and according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, there’s a chance Simmons could return in the first round of the NBA playoffs. That is, if the Nets qualify via the Play-In Tournament.

While Shams’ report seems to keep things hopeful for Nets fans, head coach Steve Nash put cold water on the report when he revealed that, “There’s no timetable for [Simmons’] return right now.”

Will Ben Simmons be healthy for the playoffs? That’s anybody’s guess. Even insiders like Shams probably aren’t 100% sure. It’s like a basketball version of Schrödinger’s Cat. Either way, it’s got many discussing the reacting to the report.

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