If you think the NBA is dominated by a small handful of teams, well you may be right. But you play the games for a reason, and Tuesday night was one of those reasons. You just never know who is going to win on any given night.

The NBA had a bit of a quirky night of results as the team with the worst of the two records in each game on the NBA schedule walked off the court celebrating a win.

Now, that comes off a little misleading when you take a closer look at the matchups. The Utah Jazz had just one fewer win than the Houston Rockets going into last night, so the Jazz taking a win against Houston at home was not exactly earth-shattering. There were, however, a couple of surprising losses by the Cleveland Cavaliers (at Milwaukee) and the Los Angeles Clippers (at Brooklyn).

The most surprising loss of the night belongs to San Antonio, who lost at home to the Orlando Magic.

What will the NBA have to offer fans tonight?

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