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Those who fear a potential work stoppage in the NBA before the 2017-18 season can rest easy, as it appears the league and the players union are on the verge of an agreement for a new collective bargaining agreement.

According to Yahoo Sports, sources tell them that people on both sides of the negotiations are confident a deal will be done in the next few weeks.

That is good news, as both sides face a December 15, 2016 deadline to opt out of the current deal, which could’ve resulted in a work stoppage in 2017.

Instead, the two sides have worked well with each other to come to an agreement (or so it seems). The report indicates that the major issues are pretty much all worked out and just a few smaller ones are left to hammer out.

The acrimonious negotiations of the 2011 CBA process (which cost the league 16 games) have been replaced with cordial and friendly negotiations this time around.

But, why is that spirit reversed just five years later? It appears the league is willing to give in on some major issues for the NBPA, which is an idea that usually helps get players to the table quicker in the first place.

Yahoo \believes the issues that are already solved include the following:

Among expected changes in the new CBA, league sources told The Vertical: A significantly higher rookie contract scale and two-way contracts between the NBA and NBA Development League that will add playing jobs for the union.

With the league arguably on its best financial footing in some time thanks to a rebirth of major stars and massive new television deals with ESPN and Turner Sports, it only makes sense that things get done quicker this time around than previously.

Still, it will be interesting to see how these increased contract needs end up affecting those who pay for it most — the fans. We’re guessing a rise in ticket prices above the normal is coming.

Enjoy the labor peace, fans – even though it might hit you in the wallet.

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