For the past few seasons, much has been made of NBA referees and their officiating throughout games, especially during the playoffs, where they have been the subject of criticism for inconsistent calls from fans and media alike.

Now, the National Basketball Referees Association is calling for the NBA to end Last Two Minute reporting, or L2M, which the league uses as a means of transparency as part of the overall officiating process. In regards to this, the NBRA cites that the league’s goal of transparency accomplishes little to impact and change the outcome of games, while it incites unnecessary hostility towards referees. They also cite L2M reporting promotes less game-oriented officiating and a heavier focus on stat oriented officiating, which hinders the referees’ abilities to perform at a more consistent level.

“The NBRA believes the league’s actions to promote so-called transparency will cause more harm than good for the ofcials and the game. We call for an end to L2M reporting and other transparency measures and a return to private, league-managed evaluations, reviews, education, training, and discipline for NBA ofcials. Should the NBA reject the NBRA’s call and press forward with L2M reporting, it is critical that the current process be reformed to improve its accuracy and minimize the damage and divisiveness it is causing.”

In addition, the NBRA goes on to state that if the league does not abandon L2M reporting, then it recommends that reforms to the overall process of L2M be made in regards to consistent rule interpretation, L2M process transparency, and an appeals process.

[NBRA L2M Policy Proposal]

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