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The Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League have formally requested the removal of the controversial film at the center of the Kyrie Irving controversy from Amazon’s store.

Stadium’s Shams Charania reported Friday evening that the Nets and the ADL have sent a letter to Amazon, requesting they either pull the book or at the very least provide a disclaimer.

“The Anti-Defamation League in conjunction with Brooklyn Nets have sent a letter to Jeff Bezos and Amazon leaders to either remove book/movie at center of Kyrie Irving situation from the platform or add explanation about issues with the context,” wrote Charania in a tweet.

Many issues have come as a result of Kyrie’s sharing of the book/movie on Twitter. One of which is the fact that the book became a bestseller on Amazon in the aftermath of his tweet.

The situation continues to have a trickle-down effect. Thursday’s suspension of Irving marked a major tipping point, as a reprimand was finally handed down from Brooklyn. It came several days after an explosive press conference in which Irving refused to apologize for sharing a link to the controversial and profusely antisemitic film. After being given the opportunity to speak once again, and completely whiffing on it, the suspension came as no shock.

Irving attempted to make a donation of $500,000 to the ADL. But they rejected it, refusing to accept it in “good conscience.” Despite apologizing, consequences are still happening and it will likely stay that way for a good while.

[Shams Charania]

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