The Denver Nuggets defeated the 125-118 on Wednesday despite guard Austin Rivers getting ejected in the fourth quarter.

Rivers was ejected for throwing an elbow at Indiana guard, Lance Stephenson. When the game was over, Rivers got on Twitter and voiced his displeasure with the ejection.

To be fair, a player will rarely ever publicly acknowledge that he deserved to be ejected. So, Rivers’ commentary alone doesn’t prove anything.

That said, the video of the incident supports Rivers’ take.

The ejection drew a boisterous response from the NBA world.

Stephenson and Rivers had both received technicals for a shoving match immediately before the ejection. So, it’s possible that referee Tony Brothers acted quickly just to avoid another incident.

But there was no contact. There was nothing close to contact. And given that Rivers was looking right at the play, one obvious question lingers. What did he see?

Joel Rush of Forbes Sports quoted Nuggets coach Mike Malone after the game. At least according to Malone, Brothers felt that Rivers’ act was “malicious” enough to warrant another technical, even without the contact.

Looking at the play, it doesn’t look like Rivers was throwing an elbow at Stephenson at all. He was just shifting his body position.

Following his initial tweet, Rivers added on Instagram that he’s OK with the was Stephenson plays — just as long as he doesn’t get punished for doing nothing wrong.

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