Players take all sorts of abuse from fans in sports settings from high school age and beyond, but berating and abusing parents of a professional athlete is a whole different level of absurdity.

On Friday night, a pair of fans at the Oklahoma City Thunder-Indiana Pacers game allegedly took to abusing the mom of Pacers’ player Solomon Hill, throwing racial slurs her way.

However, what Hill was most upset about (and rightfully so) was the lack of action by anyone around those two alleged perpetrators.

Hill’s mother obviously was upset and could recognize those in attendance that had allegedly used those words, pointing it out to her son via the picture on the left in his tweet.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and this is no different. One fan allegedly in attendance took to Facebook to describe another side of the interaction between OKC fans and a person only identified as “a mother of a player.” That interaction was not a positive one, allegedly.

The good news is the abundance of support after the fact from OKC fans for Hill and his mother.

It looks like a classic case of she said-she said here, but regardless, the real lesson should be this: Fans need to step up in the moment to make sure abusive actions — and the language allegedly used on both sides in this situation — won’t be allowed to develop.

[h/t FanSided]

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