If anyone knows what’s it like to play for Doc Rivers in the NBA, it’s Paul Pierce. Pierce played for Rivers for the Boston Celtics and later for the Los Angeles Clippers, so he’s spent a lot of time with him, even winning an NBA Championship together in 2008.

So as the Ben Simmons saga has unfolded in Philadelphia, Pierce has been watching from afar with an understanding of what it must have taken for Rivers to throw Simmons out of practice last week after refusing to take part in a drill. Simmons was suspended for one game following the incident.

Pierce appeared on The Cedric Maxwell Podcast this week to talk about his career and other NBA topics, including some thoughts on the current situation in Philly.

“If Doc kick you out of practice, that’s bad because I ain’t never seen (that),” Pierce said. “I think I’ve seen Doc kick someone out maybe once. Like Doc ain’t gonna kick you out for nothing, you know what I’m saying? You really gotta be an a**hоle for Doc to kick you out of practice, ’cause Doc’s one of the coolest coaches. He understands the player.”

Rivers has pled his case to Simmons to be part of the solution in Philadelphia but it remains to be seen how long that will happen. Simmons has yet to play for the 76ers this season and told Rivers and his teammates that he wasn’t mentally ready to play yet.

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