Paul Pierce Rick James

Paul Pierce hasn’t played since October 17th due to an ankle injury. With the Los Angeles Clippers facing off against the Phoenix Suns on Halloween, Pierce didn’t want to simply dress in street clothes while missing another game.

No, instead of just sitting on the bench as Paul Pierce, the 39-year-old veteran spent the game on the bench as Rick James.

Now that’s a power move.

Pierce was decked out in a fur vest, crazy wig, interesting pants, and impressive boots you definitely could have seen James wearing. What made the boots even more eye-opening is the ankle support they had to protect his injured ankle.

Those boots are wild. The gold laces makes them even crazier.

Of course he also had to wear sunglasses inside to pull of the look.

What makes this even better is that it happened in the NBA. If an NFL player did this, they’d probably be fined and suspended for an unnecessary amount of games. And that’s before uttering Dave Chappelle-as-James’ favorite line.

Finally, Pierce’s costume actually worked because he was allowed to be there. Unlike, say, Bobby Valentine when he tried to disguise himself after an ejection while he was the manager of the New York Mets.


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