Phil Jackson is a very good former basketball coach and a very bad general manager, as evidenced by the fact that Jackson is trying to trade the New York Knicks’ future out of pettiness.

With Jackson looking to deal Kristaps Porzingis, you’d think that he would be intensely focusing on potential draft picks to rebuild the franchise.

Instead, he’s catching up on sleep, according to ESPN’s Jay Williams. Jackson reportedly snoozed while a player projected as a top 15 pick in the NBA Draft was working out for the Knicks.

Perhaps it’s time for Jackson to throw in the towel. It’s probably better for his legacy, and for the Knicks’ future.

But as of today, Jackson is still the Knicks’ general manager, and he’ll be the one making the team’s pick in Thursday evening’s NBA Draft. The Knicks’ have the eighth pick in the draft, but they could reportedly trade up to draft Kansas’ Josh Jackson. That said, this is Phil Jackson—he could still surprise us with what he comes up with next.

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