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The Detroit Pistons went through a historically bad season this past year. Loaded with woes and a depressingly long losing streak, the Pistons didn’t come anywhere close to the NBA Playoffs. So, naturally, if you’re a Pistons fan, you’d hope that the 2024 NBA Draft lottery would save you.

Not so fast, Detroit fans. Despite that futility, things didn’t go the Pistons’ way during Sunday’s NBA Draft Lottery. Despite being a massive longshot, the Atlanta Hawks earned the first overall pick in the lottery. Meanwhile, the Pistons fell to the 5th pick.

The Pistons have won the Draft Lottery only once. Back in 2022, Detroit, who had the second-worst record in the league, won the lottery and drafted Cade Cunningham. But while they did that, they still haven’t been able to get out of their lowly status. And it hasn’t helped that they keep swinging and missing at the lottery.

Ausar Thompson, who represented the Pistons at the lottery, reacted at the moment of the reveal—just as you’d imagine.

That look really says it all.

It seems like it’s still going to get bad before it gets better in the Motor City. The sports world had much to say about Detroit and their poor NBA Draft Lottery luck.

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