When you think about the music most likely to be filling up the iPods of NBA players, odds are not too many are including Taylor Swift in their playlists. After witnessing an in-game Name That Tune-style gimmick run by the Portland Trail Blazers, there may be some empirical evidence to back that assumption up.

Now, I will admit that I can sympathize with the Trail Blazers. As much of a fan of music I have been and as much as it is has been a part of me, when it comes to naming a particular artist to any particular song, I am bound to come up looking embarrassed with my lack of pop culture awareness. That said, I am fairly certain I could have at least taken a stab at one of these and gone out on a limb and guessed Taylor Swift.

Of course, a couple of the players did correctly identify Swift as the musical artist in question, so kudos to them. Chris Kaman even identified her and left a not-so-pleasant review that will undoubtedly one day be used as the inspiration for one of Swift’s future hits.

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