Rajon Rondo is about to find himself in a world of trouble. Reports are that the former NBA star, 36, pulled a gun on his ex-girlfriend and children and threaten their lives.

According to TMZ, Ashley Bachelor says Rondo routinely verbally abuses her and their kids and threatened to do harm to her if she didn’t bring their son back downstairs to talk to him.

“Rajon verbally assaults our daughter. He calls her names like ‘thot, bitch, and d**khead.’ Rajon has made several threats on my life, saying at various times he will shoot me or shoot up my car.”

Bachelor has gotten an emergency order of protection against Rondo, who so far hasn’t been arrested. But if what Bachelor is saying is true, an arrest could come at any moment. So far, despite the allegations, neither Rondo nor the Cleveland Cavaliers have commented on this situation.

NBA fans were stunned by the allegations and wonder what’s going on with the NBA star.

Other fans just can’t believe Rondo would do this


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