The Raptors tweeted this graphic with the Golden Gate Bridge. Wrong bridge.

There have been plenty of geographical mistakes with the Golden Gate Bridge (which connects San Francisco to Marin County) over the years, but the Toronto Raptors certainly contributed to that Wednesday. Ahead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, they tweeted an image of their players photoshopped onto…not the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland, but the Golden Gate Bridge.

This follows in the footsteps of some delightful previous geographical missteps from teams’ social media graphics, including the Buffalo Bills heading to Wisconsin rather than Minnesota and to Arizona rather than Los Angeles. But if the Raptors actually crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, they’d have to then take another bridge (the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge) to get to Oakland. Or take the Larkspur ferry back to San Francisco and then hop on BART.

But hey, at least the Raptors didn’t destroy the bridge. And when the Warriors move to San Francisco next season, it may get easier for opposing teams’ social media accounts to needlessly shoehorn in references to the Golden Gate Bridge. At least then it will be connected to the city they’re actually playing in.

[Toronto Raptors on Twitter]

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