Toronto Raptors

March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity for everyone to shine a light on the amazing accomplishments and contributions that women have made to the world.

The Toronto Raptors decided to send a message of support to women from some of their players. However, the end result was a cringe-worthy video that left them looking pretty dumb.

The Raptors shared a video on Wednesday that featured several players explaining why they support women. “It’s important that we not only celebrate but empower Women both on and off the court,” read the accompanying tweet.

In the since-deleted tweet, we learn that Raptors players believe women “run the world” because “they’re the only ones that can procreate” and that “they birth everybody.” We also learn that the reason all women are great is that “they are all queens.”

Very informative stuff.

Given how these answers misunderstood the assignment, there were some very strong reactions from around the NBA world.

“If none of the players give good answers, it’s OK to just scrap the idea. Just a little content tip from your friend Maggie,” said Bally Sports’ Maggie Hendricks.

“What I’m getting here is: We love those wombs and monarchs?” asked SBNation’s Alicia Rodriguez.

“Are there any women on staff who could have guided you in a better direction,” asked Twitter user inthefade.

The Raptors deleted the tweet fairly quickly and that’s probably for the best. Hopefully they involve an actual woman in the next round of ideation around how to celebrate Women’s History Month.


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