Robin Lopez as Han Solo.

Robin shot first? Chicago Bulls’ center Robin Lopez has long been known for his love of comic books, and apparently he’s quite into Star Wars too.

He recently took part in The Ringer’s table reads series, with athletes reading for various famed movie parts, and took on the lines Han Solo (Harrison Ford) speaks during Star Wars: A New Hope‘s famous showdown in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Here’s the clip:

Lopez has the confident-despite-under-a-gun tone down quite well, and is pretty good at his attempted persuasion of Greedo here.

The toy gun at the end is a nice touch, too. And he’d probably make a pretty decent version of Han, although we’d need to hear his take on other lines to be sure. (“Boring conversation anyway” seems ideal, as every athlete in history has probably wanted to end a press conference that way. Or “I ain’t in this for your revolution for you, princess, and I’m not in it for you. I expect to be well-paid,” which could be a good line in contract negotiations.)

But don’t tell Lopez that he was only facing a guy who’d shoot the table. That would be embarrassing.

[The Ringer on Twitter]

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