Tonight’s Game 7 between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder was in doubt all the way to the final seconds of the game.

And it was a wild final few seconds, too. Final few minutes, really, because these wild two sequences ended up deciding the game.

First, with a chance to take the lead, Dennis Schroeder was forced to put up a late-clock leaner, leading to this fiasco that really can’t be described.

What a flop fest! That the refs didn’t fall for any of them is admirable, especially because the lead-in game between Miami and Milwaukee featured officials much more willing to insert themselves.

Then, with the Thunder again having a chance to take the lead on what looked like it would be the final possession, this happened:

That looked like it was it, but the officials eventually put 2.6 back on the clock, and Robert Covington would eventually miss one of two free throws. That led to another series of weirdness, with officials trying to award a timeout and a foul at the same time on the inbounds. Eventually, though, this is how it ended:

And that’s how it ended. It wasn’t the prettiest Game 7, but it was a hell of a close game. Now Houston moves on to face LeBron, Anthony Davis, and the Lakers, and they’re going to need to play a lot better overall if they want to advance.

Still, that was a lot of fun to watch, and considering how 2020 has gone so far, getting a fun Game 7 of any kind of feels like a pretty big gift.

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