rodney hood

Late in the third quarter of the Jazz’s game against the Wizards on Wednesday, Utah wing Rodney Hood drove to the basket, drew contact from a defender and missed a lay-up. Believing he had been fouled, Hood complained to the referee all the way back down the court, until the official tagged him with his second technical foul of the game, resulting in automatic ejection.

On the way back to the locker room, Hood encountered a fan recording his perp walk and promptly swatted the dude’s phone from his hands.

The best part of this hilarious/horrifying encounter is how casual Hood was about the whole thing. He just knocked the phone away and kept on strolling like that guy had never been there.

Hood will likely be fined or even suspended for this incident, as professional sports leagues get justifiably jittery when it comes to players going after fans. But at the same time, Hood is far from the only one among us who would be displeased to see a stranger’s phone in his face in a moment of passion and anger.

For what it’s worth, here was what led to Hood’s technical foul and subsequent ejection.

So what have we learned today? When a frustrated professional athlete is coming toward you, it’s probably best if you don’t hold up your phone for a cool video. For your own good.

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