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It’s not the weirdest injury we’ve ever heard from a professional athlete, but Utah Jazz center Rody Gobert shared a pretty good one on Thursday when he explained that one of his bees stung him on the nose, leading to a very funky swelling.

Gobert explained to reported that he suffered a bee sting on his nose earlier in the week while changing the queen out of the beehive on his property.

The Jazz big man also shared a photo of the sting’s effects on his Instagram page.

“It bee your own bees sometimes,” said Gobert on Instagram.

Gobert made it clear during his press conference that it’s just part of the deal when you’re a beekeeper and it’s happened a few times now. He also championed the health benefits of a bee sting as its venom has anti-inflammatory properties. No word on whether or not the NBA might test him for banned bee substances.

Gobert’s bee-related mishaps certainly got the NBA world talking on Thursday as he and the Jazz prepare for Game 6 against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday evening, with some drawing parallels between the bees and teammate Donovan Mitchell, who have been rumored to have a bad relationship.

At least Rudy didn’t get COVID again. Again.

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