Russell Westbrook has taken a lot of heat after his play last season with the Los Angeles Lakers from fans and media alike. But now he is even taking hits from NBA rookies like San Antonio Spurs big man Jeremy Sochan.

In a video that went viral, Sochan and fellow Spurs rookie Malaki Branham are shown participating in a word association game during this month’s NBA summer league in Las Vegas. When Westbrook’s name came up in the game, Branham says “Russell Westbrook get’em a lot” to which Sochan said “bricks.”

To which Branham says “No, no, no!” Sochan would later say triple-double but the damage was done.

He later tried to go to social media to redeem himself.

“It’s banter, I was not intending on being disrespectful heat of the moment, I was playing a game baby.” He also added that Westbrook “was his idol since I started watching the NBA” and said that his dog’s name is Russell which is an homage to the former NBA MVP.

No word from Westbrook yet about the comments but normally the former MVP doesn’t take too kindly to criticism so he may be quiet for now, but that may not last long. At least he didn’t call him “Westbrick.”


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