Make no mistake about it, Russell Westbrook knows how to get the basketball to his teammates. Third in the NBA in assists this season, Westbrook has proven more than capable in getting a pass to his teammates at any time. We have just not seen one executed this perfectly.

On Thursday night, in a game against the Toronto Raptors, Westbrook was looking to move the ball in transition. He saw an open teammate moving up the court but had to get the ball around a defender, Cory Joseph. With limited options and wanting to not lose an opportunity, Westbrook chucked a bounce pass up court and through the legs of Joseph, WHILE JOSEPH WAS RUNNING UP COURT!

Hold up. Did you see that? Let’s see that again from a different angle…

I mean… how?

Think about how ridiculous this pass is. It’s one thing to simply pass the ball through an opponent’s legs when he’s just standing there in front of you, trying to guard you in a one-on-one matchup. Pulling off a well-placed bounce pass through a standing opponent is awesome in its own right. But this is taking things up a few notches. First, every player is moving! Getting the ball to go through the legs of Joseph may be the equivalent here of playing miniature golf and getting the ball through the rotating windmill, while the windmill is moving from one point to another while twirling its blades.

Westbrook deserves a free game of mini golf for this one.

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