Two years ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder visited the Denver Nuggets for an innocuous Western Conference regular season game. During a TV timeout, Nuggets mascot Rocky decided to attempt a behind-the-back half-court shot. That’s when Russell Westbrook decided he was not having that.

Later in the game, Rocky tried again. Westbrook blocked that one as well. Was this some kind of Rocky-specific hatred? Does Westbrook just hate the idea of anyone tangentially-related to the Nuggets doing better than him?

Fast-forward to Tuesday night when the Thunder were back in Denver. Westbrook is getting ready to start a play and the Thunder star comes face-to-face with Rocky once more and, well, they almost came to karate blows.

Unfortunately for Rocky, his insolence may have been the spark that sent Westbrook into a dunking frenzy as he exploded for three rim-shaking slams over the course of the evening.

Westbrook finished with 27 points and the Thunder won the game, 110-104. The lesson is, as always, don’t make Russell Westbrook angry, especially if you’re anthropomorphic.

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