While the San Antonio Spurs fell short in the playoffs to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team accumulated plenty to be proud of from this season, ending their regular season at 67-15 as well as a 40-1 home record.

While the Spurs await Tim Duncan’s and Manu Ginobli’s plans for the next season, the Spurs decided to celebrate the end of their 2015-16 season in the most imaginative and best non-Spurs way they know how: by dressing up in various and assorted costumes. A picture was also posted on Instagram courtesy of veteran Boris Diaw in their various costumed personas.

Still celebrating an historical season with the team. It was a great ride!!! #sundayfunday #madmonday

A photo posted by Borisdiaw (@diawboris) on May 15, 2016 at 12:28pm PDT

It’s safe to say that the San Antonio players had some pretty intriguing choices in regards to their costume tastes. Ginobli posed as an Egyptian pharaoh, Patty Mills looks as though he’s come dressed from the “Player Haters Ball,” and Boris Diaw donned a white skeleton outfit.

Danny Green also appears to be dressed in what appears to be some kind of bird suit, while Matt Bonner shines as the Red Rocket with his glasses and purple eagle shirt on display. While it is hard to discern exactly which players are wearing what costumes, some other costumes of note included a Minion, Luigi from Super Mario, a hot dog costume, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and a Red Power Ranger.

Needless to say, the Spurs are clearly a team that knows how to have a good time. Head coach Gregg Popovich appears to have abstained from these particular costumed festivities, though it’s fun to imagine just what kind of outfit the Spurs coach could have donned for the celebration.


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