Scoot Henderson dunk Photo Credit: NBA G League

The NBA world is abuzz over a huge dunk in a G League game.

Scoot Henderson, a potential top-2 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, showed off a bit on Tuesday night.

Henderson, who plays for G League Ignite, went up against the Birmingham Squadron. It didn’t take very long to show why scouts adore Henderson and think he can be a big-time player in the NBA as soon as next season.

Our own The Comeback tweeted, “Scoot Henderson may be a top-2 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. Here’s an example why.”

I mean, that’s just a filthy dunk. Everything about it. An 18-year-old shouldn’t be able to throw it down like that with such gracefulness and power behind it. Nevertheless, Scoot did exactly that with this ferocious dunk.

As you can imagine, the sports and NBA world went wild for the dunk as highlights went viral.

Auburn writer Justin Ferguson tweeted, “Scoot Henderson posterizing a defender inside the state of Alabama on a Tuesday night during SEC basketball season is just like we all thought it would happen, right?” Hey, close… but no cigar.

Renowned reporter Philip Lewis simply tweeted, “Jesus Christ” in response to the big-time dunk.

Longtime Memphis voice Chris Vernon called the dunk “outrageous” and praised Scoot by saying, “He ain’t a consolation prize.”

Veteran NBA writer Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports said, “Starting to think his athleticism might translate to the next level.” Well, what could have given that away huh?!

The Athletic’s Law Murray declared, “This is what you reap when you’re caught point switching!!!!!”

Spurs writer Matthew Tynan decided to count how many days remained until the NBA Draft in response to the video of the filthy dunk.

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