The Golden State Warriors (68-8) are on the verge of potentially breaking the NBA-regular season record for wins, Paul Pabst of the Dan Patrick Show asked former Chicago Bulls forward Scottie Pippen how this season’s Warriors would match up against his 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, who currently hold the record at 72-10, in a seven game series. What he says in response to Paulie’s question is pretty interesting, as we’ve come to expect from Pippen.


That’s a pretty strong and interesting statement. It definitely would be a competitive series and no doubt a dream matchup that all basketball fans would love to see but a four-game sweep is strong. It’s even more interesting that Pippen stated that he, not Michael Jordan, would be assigned to guard Steph Curry, stating that Jordan would be guard Klay Thompson instead. In the video below, Pippen stated that keeping Curry below 20 points would be an accomplishment, one he thinks he could accomplish if chosen to guard him.

Pippen’s competitive juices are no doubt flowing here. Let’s remember that Jordan and Pippen were both tenacious defensive players in their prime. Given Jordan’s competitive nature, there’s no way he wouldn’t want a crack at guarding a dynamic point guard like Curry. Is Pippen throwing some extra shine on his name as an ace defender? Perhaps. But out of everything that Pippen said, it all boils down to one thing: Golden State wouldn’t stand a chance against his Bulls. 

Team Chicago vs Team Golden State: which side would you choose?


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