Shabazz Muhammad has carved out a solid NBA career despite never quite living up to the expectations that came with being one of the top high school recruits in the country.

Still, a five-year (and counting) NBA career is not a joke. Also not a joke: Muhammad is reportedly going to change his name to Bazz. And not just his first name. “Bazz” is going to be his entire name.

Via the Star-Tribune:

Muhammad said before Friday’s 119-116 victory over Oklahoma City that he intends to legally change his name to just the short, single nickname.

“I just like it,” he said. “Everybody calls me that anyway.”

He said he’s not sure how involved the process is and now long it will be before the name change becomes official and he will be introduced at Target Center and elsewhere as such.

In the pantheon of reasons to do something, that’s a pretty good reason. And hey, he’s not alone; Nene, for example, goes by one name in the NBA. And others, like LeBron, especially, could easily just go by their first names. (Or last names, if they’d prefer.)

And hey, for Muhammad, why not? There’s not a whole lot to lose, and it’s his name. Might as well go by what you want to go by, even though the list of one-named celebrities is a bit intimidating:

When told the one-name thing worked pretty well for Elvis and Prince, Muhammad laughed and said, “Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.”


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