Horrible outfit

It’s not uncommon for players to arrive at the arena on gamedays wearing rather outlandish outfits. And on Tuesday night, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander took that to the extreme ahead of his matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers in LA – especially when it came to his shoes.

On Tuesday night, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was seen walking into the arena in quite an eccentric outfit, donning an incredibly baggy pair of jeans, a large and flashy belt buckle, and some absolutely comically massive shoes.

You can see the whole look here:


It was quite an eye-popping look that drew a lot of attention. And the NBA world certainly had a lot to say about the ridiculous outfit, with plenty of people absolutely blasting his shoe selection, in particular. Some even likened them to clown shoes.

The shoes worn by Gilgeous-Alexander are called the “Big Red Boot” and are made by the shoe company MSCHF. While the boots did not seem too popular to the average person, they are highly sought-after in the fashion world, retailing for more than $2,000 a pair on the secondhand market.

In any case, the look seemed to work for Gilgeous-Alexander as he had 30 points and eight assists in a win over the Lakers.