Never doubt the competitive nature of Shaquille O’Neal. He may be retired from the NBA with a spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame, but Shaq still brings the fire to the court when he laces up his giant basketball shoes and gets his hands on the ball.

Shaq still stays active in pickup games from time to time, and he is treating his would-be-defenders like they are Vlade Divac or Matt Geiger. He shows absolutely no mercy and will stop at nothing to slam it home, as witnessed in a recent pickup game. Check out this footage where O’Neal calls for the ball and then shoves aside a guy that looks to be the size of Spud Webb. This is no contest.

That is clearly a push by Shaq that should have landed him a foul, but then again Shaq has always managed to get away with a little pushing and shoving underneath the net. And only wimps call offensive fouls in pickup games.

I’d love to see more highlights from this pickup game involving the 45-year old Shaq dominating a bunch of guys who probably think they have game based on their gym and playground careers. We don’t know what was going through this guy’s mind as he was attempting to defend Shaq so close to the hoop, but somewhere deep down inside you just know he was thinking to himself how cool his story about preventing Shaq from scoring was going to be. Now he has a completely different, yet no less memorable story to share with his buddies.

Now, can we please get a one-on-one game between Shaq and LaVar Ball? That could be a fun rivalry.


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