Shark Week has become a summer tradition where the Discovery Channel devotes a week of programming dedicated to sharks. This year is the 3oth anniversary and for their block of programming this year, the network has brought on Shaquille O’Neal to host.

Shaq does have a point, maybe there should be a “Shaq Week.”

Either way, Shaq is set to be swimming with sharks later this month. Other than that, it’s unknown exactly what Shaq will be doing but if it’s like in previous years, he’ll be training and then go swim with sharks among other things. This will be interesting because according to Discovery, Shaq is going to have to overcome a fear of sharks.

From Uproxx:

“In the hopes of securing the ultimate symbol of fame and fortune – your very own week – Shaquille O’Neal inadvertently signed himself up to be thrust into the teeth of the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week. There’s only one problem. Shaq doesn’t do Sharks. To overcome his fear of sharks, he’s going to need some help – enter Ex-Marine and comedian Rob Riggle who will help train him at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas for the big plunge.”

Having a host of Shark Week has been a relatively recent concept over the past 30 years but Shaq joins such previous hosts as Craig Ferguson, Andy Samberg, Eli Roth and Michael Phelps, who “raced” against a shark.

Shaq also won’t be the only famous athlete who will take part in Shark Week this year. Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Rodgers, Ronda Rousey and Lindsey Vonn will take part throughout the week.


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