It was a long-rumored selection that came true, as the Sixers drafted hometown kid Mikal Bridges out of Villanova with the tenth pick in the draft. It was extra special for Bridges and his mother, Tyneeha Rivers, because Rivers works as VP of human resources for the group that owns the Sixers and the New Jersey Devils.

Both of them were clearly very excited about it, although Rivers was definitely more expressive:

And that’s understandable! Her son was going to be playing professionally for an ascendant franchise, staying in town, and playing in the same building where Rivers works! It’s a mom’s dream come true!

That’s great, and lovely, and fun.

And then, within an hour, reality hit:

That’s so, so harsh! It’s also a bit of an odd move; 2021 is a long way away and most people had Bridges as a clearly better prospect than Smith, but as you may have heard, the Sixers front office has undergone some recent upheaval.

The reaction to losing that feel-good moment was swift:

The Sixers deleted the tweet, which is also funny, and anything related to the Sixers and Twitter gets a humor amplification for a while.

Of course, there is a side to this that isn’t cool at all:

Where was his agent? That’s tough. But, in the end, Bridges heads to Phoenix to play in the NBA for millions alongside newly-minted #1 overall pick DeAndre Ayton, so there are certainly worse fates.

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