Skip Bayless

It’s no secret that Skip Bayless is a notorious LeBron James hater. The Fox Sports personality is one of the NBA superstar’s harshest critics and has been throughout his lengthy career. But now, it seems that Bayless’ hate has reached a new level as he’s taken to criticizing James’ son, Bronny.

On Monday, Bronny went viral for an absolutely incredible, showstopping dunk in one of his high school basketball games. The highlight caught the attention of the NBA world, most of whom reacted with amazement. Bayless, however, took to Twitter to criticize the 17-year-old star for dunking with his right hand instead of his left hand.

“Hey Bronny … impressive,” Bayless Tweeted. “But your dad would’ve dunked it left-handed. You sure got away with it, though.”

Naturally, the NBA world had a strong reaction to Bayless’ “generational hating,” with many taking to Twitter to blast the ESPN personality for attacking a high school kid. Some also expressed how odd it is that Bayless seems obsessed with LeBron and his family.

LeBron has been clear that he wants to finish his NBA career playing alongside Bronny for at least one season. So there’s a chance that Bronny and LeBron give Bayless more reasons to hate in the future.

[Skip Bayless]