The Warriors are about to break the NBA’s single season win record, as they’ve broken many other long standing NBA records thanks to Steph Curry being a magician. Mike Trout is MLB’s next new breakout star, and he could one day be breaking plenty of records himself.

With the Angels in Oakland for a set of games, Trout and Albert Pujols journeyed to Dubs practice to make an appearance. Steph Curry got an Angels jersey from Trout, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Trout then got a hold of a basketball, and challenged Draymond Green to a game of Pig. One is an NBA superstar, the other is a MLB superstar. Who wins?

Mike Trout, of course. Then, because athletes have ever-expanding egos, Trout challenged Steph to a little game of Horse.

So if Trout couldn’t beat Steph, can anybody? Angels reliever Joe Smith did.

Amazing how that all works, isn’t it? Although it’s safe to assume the Dubs are going to have more success this season than the Angels are.

[For the Win]

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