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The Golden State Warriors finished off the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6 of their NBA Playoff series on Friday. Good thing because had they gone to Game 7, Stephen Curry might not have had time to study and graduate college.

The Warriors star received his degree from Davidson College on Sunday, per the school’s Twitter account.

Curry attended Davidson between 2006 and 2009, leading the Wildcats on a cinderella run to the Elite Eight in 2008. He left school without graduating and has played for Golden State ever since. However, he completed his final semester of coursework this spring and has now received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Sociology.

“Stephen Curry has on many occasions emphasized the importance of education, how much he valued his Davidson College experience and that he is committed to earning his degree,” Davidson College said in a statement. “He needed to complete one semester of classwork. He re-enrolled at Davidson College for the spring semester and worked with two members of the Davidson faculty, a Stanford University professor and a UC Santa Cruz professor who taught Stephen when both were at Davidson,” said Davidson College in a statement.

Curry won’t be attending the school’s commencement ceremony but he will be presented with his degree at some point in the near future. Curry perhaps wanted to avoid the drama that accompanied Vince Carter when he had to scramble between graduation in North Carolina and a playoff game in Philadelphia.

The news that Curry was graduating received some reactions around the NBA world, with some earnestly congratulating him, others noting that he might have been in a slump because of needing to study, and others noting that this is a big day for sociology majors.

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