Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were both ejected Saturday.

Saturday’s road game against the Memphis Grizzlies didn’t go well at all for the Golden State Warriors, who lost 111-101, and two of Golden State’s biggest stars showed their frustrations late in the game and got ejected for their trouble. First, inside the final minute, Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry drove the lane, got a layup, and then threw his mouthguard to the ground near a ref, drawing a technical foul and an ejection:

That led to Golden State forward Kevin Durant arguing with the officials and getting tossed himself. And on his way out (walking next to Curry), Durant got into it with a heckling fan, pointing at his ring finger to indicate he’s won a championship:

Durant specified afterwards this was his ring finger:

These ejections probably didn’t have any impact on the result (Golden State was down by eight with 43 seconds left, so while a comeback was theoretically possible, it wasn’t likely), but they show the rising levels of frustration for Curry and Durant. The Warriors are the defending champions and widely expected to repeat, but they’re now 1-2 on the season, with losses to Houston and Memphis. It’s a long season, and there are plenty of potential reasons for early struggles (from championship hangover to challenges readjusting after their preseason trip to China to roster changes), but so far, they’ve been anything but dominant. And there are plenty of teams out there gunning for them. Frustration about that boiled over for Curry and Durant Saturday, leading to these ejections. It seems likely there will be fines ahead for one or both of the stars in the wake of this, and we’ll see what else it leads to going forward.


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