Steph Curry Jan 17, 2023; Washington, DC, USA; Steph Curry as President Joe Biden welcomes the Golden State Warriors to the East Room of the White House to celebrate their 2022 NBA championship at The White House. Mandatory Credit: Josh Morgan-USA TODAY

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has made several memorable three-point shots throughout his excellent career. However, perhaps the most recognizable shot came in 2016 in a regular season game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, with the infamous “bang bang” call from ESPN’s Mike Breen. This legendary moment will now be immortalized with a new pair of Curry shoes that was revealed on Saturday.

Curry took to Twitter to reveal the Curry 2 Bang Bang PE Retros in an awesome hype video for the new shoes. It also included how Breen was honored in another special way other than just the name of the shoe.

The video details a flashback to the legendary shot from Curry, along with showing Curry personally hand-delivering the shoes to Breen.

“Seven years ago, you had one of the greatest calls in NBA history, the double bang,” Curry told Breen. “So I wanted to give you this as a token of appreciation for that moment. We brought the inspiration into the shoes I was wearing that night back.”

It was truly an amazing moment, and Breen seemed to be truly touched by this, embracing Steph Curry and leaving a message about what this means to him.

“I said to Steph it’s an honor to be calling his games and to have him say I have a small part of this,” said Breen in the video. “It means more than he knows and more than he can imagine. Thank you.”

The NBA world took notice of this announcement by Curry and this gesture to Breen. Many are crediting Curry for acknowledging Breen’s involvement in his memorable shot.

[Stephen Curry on Twitter]

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