Steph Curry Curry 4s

Remember Steph Curry’s terrible “Curry 3” shoes? You know… these ones.

Well, they were mocked endlessly, even though they probably ended up making Under Armour a ton of money. Nearly a year after his first terrible personal shoe, Curry has debuted a new “Curry 4” shoe that is actually pretty sleek.

At first glance I was unimpressed and thought they were boring, but then I saw more pictures of them and kind of liked them.

Nice job, Mr. Curry. Nice job. I’m not the only one who thinks they aren’t bad either because plenty of people on Twitter are supportive of the new shoe.

BUT. There are still haters out there.

Good for Curry for finally landing a shoe that isn’t universally disliked and trashed. While they aren’t the best I’ve seen, they are stylish and fitting for his style of play: clean, simple, and easy.

Curry is also unveiling these at the perfect time seeing as his teammate Klay Thompson recently released a pair of terrible shoes.

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