Some would consider the Golden State Warriors an All-Star team already, but Steph Curry wants to see if he can assemble an actual team of his Warriors teammates and go up against the rest of the NBA’s best stars head-to-head.

The NBA is changing the format of the All-Star Game this year to make it more like a pickup game with team captains selecting their teammates. If he is fortunate to be selected as a team captain, Steph Curry says he will do everything he can to select as many of his current Golden State Warriors teammates to join him. And honestly, that would be pretty fun to watch.

Asked who the first player he would pick for his team if given the opportunity, Curry thought it over and said “Probably one of my teammates,” before going on to have a laugh about taking all of his available teammates before having to go outside Golden State’s all-star options. “Until you run out of those options, then you have to figure it out.”

Curry may have a good chance to be selected as a team captain as well. Under the new format, the top two vote-getters in the league will be designated team captains. Curry is among the most popular players in the league, along with teammate Durant and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And it would seem to be only fitting to have a player from the Cavs and Warriors serve as the team captains, so a Team Curry vs. Team LeBron could be in the fold (and if not, then Team Durant vs. Team LeBron seems likely).

The Warriors have won two of the last three NBA titles and are one elusive win away from a three-peat. Last season they added Kevin Durant to the team as the superteam issue grew larger and more prominent throughout the league. It has become clear that the best way to challenge the Warriors is to have a true superteam going against them. This may be James’ best chance to assemble his perfect superteam to take down the Warriors in the middle of the season.


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