Steve Kerr apologizes for yelling at ref, ‘f— you, motherf—er’

Kerr's conscience seems to have gotten the best of him here.
steve kerr

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems like a generally chill, down-to-earth guy. Here’s eloquent and cerebral and manages to be passionate without seeming like a hothead.

But sometimes a referee makes a call Kerr does like, and all bets are off.

On Saturday, Kerr apologized for yelling at a ref during the Warriors’ victory over the Spurs on Thursday. Camera captured a barrage of F-bombs from the coach, including a succinct, “Fuck you, motherfucker” directed at an official. Via ESPN, here was Kerr’s mea culpa:

“I need to do better. Honestly, I need to do better,” he said. “That was embarrassing. My daughter sent me the meme of it. It was all over the internet. I just hung my head in shame. I am very passionate and intense, but I can’t use that kind of wording. I would never say that to anybody in a normal setting. It’s just awful. When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh, my God. What’s the matter with me?'”

Here’s a video of Kerr’s first-quarter tirade:

And here’s “fuck you, motherfucker,” in all its glory:

Kerr said some amount of hassling the ref is necessary but that he went too far in the language he used.

“I think there’s a certain amount of yelling you have to do as coach when you don’t like what’s going on,” Kerr said. “Maybe you’re trying to motivate your guys, maybe you’re trying to get on the ref to change the momentum a little, and that’s all part of it. But what I said the other night was inexcusable, and I can’t use that kind of language.”

Then he (jokingly) blamed Gregg Popovich, who was ejected from the same game for cursing at the ref.

“Well, that’s where I learned it. I blamed Pop afterward,” Kerr said sarcastically. “You’re the one who taught me that stuff, Pop. I think he may have said something similar when he got tossed. But, yeah, sometimes the temper and the competitive desire gets the best of us.”

ESPN reports that neither Kerr nor Popovich will be fined for his outburst.

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