The Warriors are currently in real trouble in Houston, as the Rockets are out to a big second-quarter lead. Obviously no lead is really that safe against a team featuring Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, but even so, Golden State would rather be leading than losing.

That was true after the first quarter too, when the Rockets led 24-19. Coming back from a break to start the second quarter, David Aldridge had Steve Kerr for the customary on-court interview. It was not a long one:

“Steve, what’d you see from your team in the first quarter?”

“I saw one of the worst quarters of basketball we’ve ever played, and we’re down five points, so if we can get our act together we’ll be fine.”



More like Steve Curt, amirite?

After the interview, the Warriors may have played even worse in the second quarter, though they currently only trail 54-43 at the half.

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