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Wednesday’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks featured one of the most bizarre plays in NBA history.

The ball went out of bounds, followed by a time-out. When play resumed, Golden State was inbounding the ball under its own offensive basket.

Only, Dallas didn’t seem to know that.

The Mavericks were on the other end of the floor, seemingly thinking they’d get possession. That led to Kevon Looney getting what may be the easiest basket in NBA history.

On Thursday, Golden State coach Steve Kerr spoke about the hilarious miscue. In an interview on 95.7 The Game, he was jokingly asked what play he dialed up. Kerr responded humorously.

“You keep those things to yourself — a magician never gives away tricks,” Kerr joked.

The conversation then became more serious and Kerr was asked if he’d ever seen anything like that before.

“Not really. And it was bizarre because, we knew. I mean, I drew up a play — an out-of-bounds, underneath play. We go out there to inbound and they’re all at the other end. And I had to stop for a second and say ‘Wait, am I in the wrong here? Is it their ball? What just happened? Are we going the other way?’ It was almost nervewracking watching Loon dunk the ball. Because it was so backwards that everything felt wrong.”


The play loomed large, as the Warriors won by two. When the game was over, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that the referees had ruled Dallas ball and that he was protesting the game.

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