After Donald Trump’s bizarre Tuesday press conference, during which he said there were some great people at a neo-Nazi rally and equivocated neo-Nazis and the people protesting neo-Nazis, Trump has earned lots of criticism from athletes.

LeBron James called Trump the “so-called President,” and active Twitter user and Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy mocked Trump’s moral equivalence.

However, the tweet of the night came from Steve Nash, who otherwise hasn’t been particularly vocal about political issues on Twitter.

The “shitty ass grape juice” refers to Trump’s winery in Charlottesville. When asked if he would visit Charlottesville after the death of an anti-fascist protestor, Trump bragged that he has one of the biggest wineries in the country, located in Charlottesville, without answering the question.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Nash’s Trump opinions soon.

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