Kyrie Irving has made many Boston Celtics fans feel sad and disappointed. Therefore, the trip back to TD Garden will certainly not be peaceful with this talented defender.

Last time, the information about basketball, including basketball betting odds, attracted a great interest of the community. At online bookmakers such as Online Casino in NJ, they have updated their sports information regularly. According to a source identified for the first time after leaving the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving will return to TD Garden on Thursday (November 28) next week.

Although there are still six days between the Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston fans are ready to welcome the one who ruined the dressing room and is the direct cause of the team’s failure in the NBA 2018-19 season. However, the expert of the Boston Celtics, Danny Ainge, urged fans not to do this because Kyrie Irving is not worth being booed.

GM Danny Ainge responded to WBZ Boston radio: “I think it is a very negative reaction. I understand that there are a lot of negative thoughts. But if you look at the final results to conclude things like I don’t think so would be unfair to Kyrie Irving”.

It was a strong statement, and Irving himself had to take full responsibility for it. Shortly after the season began, Kyrie had to experience the pain of losing loved ones, and from then on, he began to narrow himself to everyone.

In the dressing room, Kyrie was no longer as happy as before. Instead, his reaction to the events on the pitch is also more negative. This was not welcome at the Boston Celtics, the team the previous season had reached the Eastern finals without Irving and only one win away from the NBA Finals 2018.

Not so impressed in the Regular Season, Kyrie Irving and the Boston team then stopped in the Playoffs 2019 after losing to Milwaukee Bucks in the regional semi-finals. Feeling no one to blame, many fans turned their axes toward Kyrie, especially when Irving’s late Kemba Walker was doing very well with the Boston Celtics squad. However, Mr. Danny Ainge once again explained the case and thought that Kyrie alone was too unfair.

The president of the Celtics shared: “Everything went well for about a year and a half before it got worse. Immediately Kyrie had to take responsibility for that downtime, so it was not fair. Everything is so much bigger and more complicated. For us (the board), the team is very happy because Kyrie Irving has come here and devoted himself. If anything is wrong, it is not your fault. The fault lies in so many other people, including me”.

Danny Ainge did not seem to be upset at Kyrie Irving and the time when “Uncle Drew” played at the Boston Celtics. But this does not mean that fans feel the same way. At the very least, they could be happy that the Boston Celtics had another All-Star defender, who was getting along well with the dressing room despite having been in TD Garden for less than three months.

However, Kyrie Irving will return a lot of boos from the fans for the promise and what he has done in the two seasons attached to this team.