The Boston Celtics did not have the season many people predicted for them, finishing with a 49-33 record and the #4 seed in the East. Injuries and poor form contributed throughout the year, of course, but the talent was always there. And after sweeping the Pacers in the opening round, it looked like maybe Boston was peaking at the right time.

Today’s blowout win in Milwaukee over the #1 seed Bucks is another step in that direction, and it’s also a big warning sign to the other three remaining teams in the East. If you think the Celtics can go all the way, check out the lines at sports betting at

Kyrie Irving was great, as you’d expect, finishing with 26 points (12-21 from the floor), 11 assists, 7 rebounds, and doing it all in just 33 minutes on the floor. (Boston led by 22 with a little more than three minutes left, so they didn’t exactly have to push their minutes totals.) Despite Irving’s game, it was actually Al Horford who might deserve the most credit.

Horford stuffed the sheet, going for 20 points, 11 boards, 3 assists, 3 blocks, and a steal, all while spending a lot of time hassling Giannis into a very poor game, by his own standards.

Giannis ended up with 22 points, but it took him 21 shots to get there; he finished a team-worst -24 on the night, too. That’s not going to lead to success for Milwaukee, and it is indeed sort of the fear for the Bucks: can their regular season success translate into a deep playoff run despite their team not having a roster full of playoff-tested players and stars?

They’re going to have to figure something out for Tuesday’s Game 2 where the Bucks are favored at, because going to Boston in an 0-2 hole is not a situation any team wants to be in right now.

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